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Under our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee, if you don’t receive a noticeable amount of hair regrowth after completing your Ashley & Martin hair loss treatment, we’ll give you a full refund. This guarantee is provided to most Ashley & Martin clients with Stage 2 (slight) to Stage 4 (severe) hair loss.

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Ashley and Martin Money Back Guarantee
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Regrow Your Hair Guarantee

What’s covererd in the Regrow Your Hair Guarantee, who’s eligible, and what results should you expect.
  • By “noticeable hair regrowth” we mean there should be a clear, visible improvement to your hair thickness. This is usually characterised by the reduction of scalp visibility, and an improvement to your hairline.

    Depending on the stage of hair loss, we estimate that an individual typically regains around 30% – 50% of their hair before it’s noticed in the mirror. Of course, this is the minimum expectation. The average Ashley & Martin client experiences more than a 110% increase in hair thickness.

    Assessing your hair regrowth to determine if it’s “noticeable” is a simple process of comparing photos of your scalp, before and after treatment.

  • Almost all Ashley & Martin clients undergoing a hair regrowth treatment are offered the Regrow Your Hair Guarantee. This guarantee is provided once it’s been determined that a hair regrowth program is suited to your condition. Generally speaking, this is anyone with a common hair loss condition such as androgenetic alopecia or male / female pattern baldness, whose hair loss currently falls between Stage 2 (slight) to Stage 4 (severe).

    Only those whose hair loss is too advanced (Stage 5 – 7), or not noticeable (Stage 1) wouldn’t be offered the guarantee. Likewise, those with less common hair loss conditions, such as hair loss caused by radiation, autoimmune conditions or traction alopecia, may not be suited to a hair regrowth program and wouldn’t be offered the guarantee. In these cases, our doctors and trichologists may suggest alternative treatment options that can help.

  • You will be offered the money back guarantee once we can confirm that our hair regrowth treatments are suitable for your hair loss condition. This will be provided to you as part of your hair loss treatment plan, after you have had your initial hair loss consultation.

  • Your consultant will arrange a full refund if no new hair growth is evident by the time of your final check-up. Noticeable hair growth will be determined by comparing photos taken before and after the completion of your treatment.


How it works

  • Hair Loss Assessment

    We examine your scalp to identify the root causes of your hair loss condition.
  • Personalised Treatment

    We’ll then let you know what treatments are suitable, and if you qualify for our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee.
  • Optimised Results

    Your treatment is monitored throughout your hair regrowth journey to make sure you’re getting the best possible results.