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Best value hair loss treatments

Great value hair loss treatments

Treatment costs do vary.  Like all responsible medical practices, our pricing depends on the method of your treatment, and how much help you need.

We always deliver value by helping you get the best possible results.

What’s included:

  • Regrow Your Hair Guarantee (For all eligible clients)
  • Doctor consultation
  • Personalised treatment
  • Optimised results
  • Monitored for safety

For detailed pricing and a recommended treatment plan, book your free hair loss assessment.

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Payment Plans

Payment plans available

We provide a variety of flexible payment plans to suit all budgets.

Just speak to our friendly staff when you come in for your first consultation.

Restore lost hair with Ashley and Martin

How it works

  • Hair Loss Assessment

    We examine your scalp to identify the root causes of your hair loss condition.
  • Personalised Treatment

    We’ll then let you know what treatments are suitable, and if you qualify for our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee.
  • Optimised Results

    Your treatment is monitored throughout your hair regrowth journey to make sure you’re getting the best possible results.
Hair Loss Treatment

Pioneering medical hair loss treatments

Established in 1964, Ashley & Martin is medical hair loss centre providing treatments globally. Led by hair loss specialist, Dr Mario Terri (MBBS), our Singapore medical team provides complete care solutions that don’t rely on any single treatment method.

Hair loss treatment to stop balding Hair loss treatment to stop balding

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We provide a variety of payment plans to suit all budgets. Once you have a treatment plan in mind, we’ll let you know what your options are.

  • Some private insurance funds do cover cosmetic treatments. If your insurer does this, we will assist your claim by providing itemised invoices.

  • Yes. If you refer someone and they sign up, you’ll get a discount on your next enrolment. For full details, please speak to your consultant.

  • You are able to cancel at any time for medical reasons. You can also cancel for a non-medical reason, but in this instance you would be required to pay for treatment provided to that point. For full details, it is important that you refer to the terms and conditions of your treatment.