Restore Your Hair Naturally

Many Ashley & Martin clients look for a solution that can restore your hair naturally. A 19 year old female presented with thinning hair throughout the top of her scalp. She had tried a variety of shampoos and nutritional supplements which had not seemed to have helped with her hair loss. She was also noticing more hair fall than usual. A recent blood test confirmed that she had no pre-existing medical conditions.

She was diagnosed with early female pattern hair loss, and subsequently placed on the lasercap program, an at home treatment combining low level laser therapy with a hair nutrient supplement and shampoos to restore your hair naturally.

Low-level Laser Hair Therapy, or LLHT is a completely safe hair loss treatment. LLHT devices work by emitting a specific wavelength of light from a laser diode which is able to rejuvenate the cells that hair follicles need for oxygen and nutrients. This process ultimately increases cell metabolism and reduces the effects of dihydrotesterone, also known as DHT.

Low-Level Laser Light Therapy has been shown in thousands of peer-reviewed publications to increase cellular survival, proliferation and function. LLLT stimulates and preserves hair follicles in patients with androgenetic alopecia and other hair loss disorders.

After four months the client was noticing a lot less fallout, that her hair loss had stabilised, and was now in fact experiencing regrowth. Figure 1 shows her initial photos, and figure 2 represents her four month photos.

As a result she is very happy. She noted that while she was sceptical at first, she is now a believer! She has since begun referring friends who have a similar condition. Ongoing photos will continue to be taken as part of her treatment. Lasercap is the solution if you are looking to restore your hair naturally.